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Dotclear, Oups I did it again!

C’est pas parce que je n’utilise plus de CMS et donc Dotclear que je ne dois pas parler des projets qui m’interessent! Ce matin j’ai eu le plaisir de voir ceci:


Avec un changelog pas si petit que ça, finalement (je dis ça à chaque release j’ai l’impression):

Dotclear 2.13 - 2018-01-13
* 🐘 PHP 5.5+ is required
* 🛡 Security: New password management system (including silent migration)
* 🛡 Security: Add Referrer-Policy header in admin pages
* 🛡 Security: Fix potential XSS - thank's Trí Chim Trích for report
* Dotclear news are now displayed in async way by js
* Dotclear core update check is now done by async js - a forced check may still be done on <admin>/update.php page
* Add utf8mb4 driver (MySQL server 5.7.7+)
* Add target="blank" option in simpleMenu
* Update CKEditor from 4.6.2 to 4.7.3
* Update CodeMirror from 5.25.1 to 5.32.1
* Add required attribute for mandatory fields
* Fix: Avoid horizontal scrolling table when longest comment's usernames in list of comments
* Fix: Cope with MySQLi connection via socket
* Fix: Error messages markup and styling
* Fix: Set caret at the end of the inserted thing (img, url, blockquote, …) in Legacy editor if current selection is empty
* Fix: Cope with query part only in SimpleMenu URLs
* 🐛 → Various bugs and typos fixed
* 🌼 → Some locales and cosmetic adjustments

Dotclear 2.12.2 - merged in 2.13
* Fix: lang attribute was missing on entry alone contexts for currywurst and dotty templatesets
* Fix: Add http:// protocol before for csp_admin_img
* Fix: tpl:sysIf blog_lang generated code
* Fix: Duplicate auto-generated URI (entries)
* Fix: Do not use border and background on select to use the system aspect of them in Firefox.
* Fix: For select element, target Safari to cope with font-size select/option problem.
* Fix: Error messages styling

Enjoy comme disent les grands-bretons !

Sauf qu’à peine avais-je fini de faire cette release le serveur s’est mis HS ! J’arrive même plus à m’y connecter en SSH, c’est ballot :-p

Ah ben maintenant il est ressuscité, ah les nouilles ah \o/


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